Tristan Brown for City Council


Ensuring a safe, sustainable community.


This is a great city and a great district to raise a family, but that will change without a city-wide vision. If Sacramento continues to become too expensive to live in, every resident will suffer. As your council member, I will work to have sustainable rental prices throughout the city, provide innovative low-cost housing solutions for younger generations, and ensure that new real estate development is accessible to all income levels. We must also provide housing-first options to help those affected by homelessness like the successful tiny home programs of Seattle, Portland, Austin, and other cities. I am pro-rent control in a manner that takes into consideration the needs of local residents, and will push to create one of California's first public-banks, so that our tax dollars avoid commercial bank fees and get invested in our own residents.


As an education advocate, I know the wonderful benefit that good schools, thriving community and four-year colleges, and trade apprenticeships bring to our community. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so I will work diligently to bring together every part of our education system so that our children are better prepared for the new economy, and make sure adults have access to higher education or job training programs to stay ahead of the curve.

The city can also provide great after-school and summer programs so that students have more learning opportunities, training, and find artistic outlets to focus on. Together we can provide students and parents choices, with paths that leads to high-paying trade jobs, associate degrees, or four-year degrees.


Bus tickets in Sacramento are a dollar more expensive than Los Angeles, Regional Transit is discussing cutting back on bus routes, and parking costs in midtown are skyrocketing. Concerns about traffic and parking are growing across Sacramento. I want to improve access to mass transit, increase bicycle safety, and reform the city’s parking plans. Downtown and Midtown Sacramento’s entertainment, restaurants, and jobs should be accessible to everyone.

Rail-based solutions get all the attention, however I believe we must look to options that provide electric buses that are cheaper, more adaptable, and can go further into neighborhoods to be more effective. We should also construct protected bike lanes that act as safe bike-highways to get to work and school, and ending the city's reliance to high-cost parking.


Everyone in Sacramento should feel safe walking our streets, no matter the area or color of their skin. Job training, after school programs, and living wages are key to our safety, as is a well-trained and supported police force as an integrated part of our community. I will work diligently to address the needs of every constituent so that everyone feels safe and not have to think twice about letting our children walk through our streets. We must continue to work towards true community policing rather than militarizing ourselves, training against implicit bias, and providing social assistance where it can yield better results than old ways that focus only on criminalization. 


The key to a thriving city is creating  living-wage jobs. Together, we must work to fill our empty retail spaces, cutting through the red tape to streamline a business permitting system, create job training opportunities and apprenticeships for the jobs of the future. 

I will work with businesses owners to develop a more efficient startup center in Sacramento, and make sure that what gets built in this city benefits our ability to raise a family and retire with dignity.


I know many of us are proud to be the City of Trees, and we are proud of our parks, our riverfront, the canals and our local recreational opportunities.

I will be a fierce advocate for sustainable growth, so we can preserve these treasures of Sacramento and open them up for everyone’s enjoyment. We must make sure that the riverbanks are safe to play in, enjoy wonderful walking and bike paths, and work with our neighbors to bring fun attractions to the riverfront.

Sacramento can lead the state in innovative environmental policy that focuses on green transportation, renewable energy, and keep our trees that provide cleaner air, shade, and make this city so enjoyable to live in.


These are just a few of the issues this campaign wishes to highlight. What are your top issues? Let me know by contacting me here!