Tristan Brown for City Council

About Tristan

Engaged, Collaborative Leadership


Tristan Brown is an advocate for our public education system and an active community member.

Tristan grew up in Southern California in a mixed household. His mother, a second-generation Mexican American, worked in the travel and entertainment industry and showed him the importance of education as a very active PTA member. His father spent decades as an international automotive journalist, and helped show Tristan a global perspective on life. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Government at the University of Redlands.

After college, Tristan began his career advocating for working families, first for homecare workers and later for public school employees. During this time, he went to law school, taking night classes, so he could learn the legal system to help advocate for others, and make our community better. He earned his law degree at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law with a certificate in Public Law & Policy. Now he works with the California Federation of Teachers, advocating for more money and support for our students in K-12 schools, community colleges, and 4-year higher education universities. 

Tristan is a dedicated community member who serves several local Sacramento organizations, including…

·      Director Emeritus - New Leaders Council, Sacramento

·      Vice Chair of the Board - Center for Workers Rights

·      Member & Volunteer - Buddhist Church of Sacramento

·      Treasurer - Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association

·      McGeorge School of Law Capitol Advisory Board Member

·      Member & Volunteer - Sacramento Scottish Rite & Shriners

·      Trustee & Delegate - Sacramento Central Labor Council

·      Volunteer - Habitat for Humanity Unity Build

As a proud Democrat, Tristan is an elected Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic Party and was appointed to the Executive Board as co-chair of the State Legislation Committee. He is the Founder and Chair of the Organize, Win, Legislate Sacramento Democratic Club and a member of several other local Democratic clubs.

Tristan and his wife, Mary McCune, a Sacramento native, came to the Pocket to start a family and spend time with their two dogs. They met in law school and were married at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.


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This campaign is focused on hearing from as many residents, workers, and business owners as possible. Every free moment I have is being spent on talking to people at their homes, their businesses, and their organizations. If you have an idea, a concern, or wish to invite me to speak to a group, please reach out to me using the appointment system below and I will do my best to listen and engage with you.

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